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TGP Submitter To be successful and to improve your sales ratios it might be useful to create own or sponsor galleries and post them on big TGP or MPG sites. As there are really thousands of sites where you can submit your galleries it is always useful to use a submitting tool. Below you find some examples of trusted TGP Submitters that are also tested by us. So be sure that you'll get no shit but programs that really work and will help you to improve your sales. So why not make your work a little easier? Click the banners and get these useful tools. You'll surely need them!
Chameleon Submitter is a basic and indispensable tool of every webmaster.
  • increase productive traffic
  • increase your income
  • save the time spent by setting up and submitting galleries.
In addition to being a fast and effective gallery submitter, it is a complete software product with full and regularly updated database which makes it an inseparable part of any adult webmaster's job


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Chameleon Partner Account Requester will save you weeks spent looking for the best TGP/MGP sites and sites which require partner accounts to allow submitting. With Chameleon Partner Account Requester you can easily request
more than 500 partner accounts in a matter of minutes!


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Dream Submitter combines many of the options from older submitting programs, with new revolutionary ideas and capabilities unheard of in the submitting market today. This submitter is smaller, faster and more effective than any of its competitors


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AdvancedSubmitter will help you to drastically speed-up the process of
building and submitting galleries without worrying about being blacklisted.


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